Writing & Poetry


Frances Roberts-Reilly was born on the Welsh border and grew up in England. She’s of mixed-heritage Welsh Gypsy-English, a descendant of Abram Wood, the notable family of musicians and storytellers.

She began writing seriously in 1972, whilst working at BBC television in London, England. After making award-winning documentaries, she earned an Honours degree in English Literature at the University of Toronto at the age of 51.

She has published numerous short stories, articles and poems and she has been a guest author on CBC Radio. Her poetry chapbook, The Green Man is published by The Ontario Poetry Society. Her recent poems explore Romany life, identity and culture in her first poetry collection, Underworld Histories, which is currently with an Editor for publication.

Frances performs spoken word with a harp, her poetry and the gypsy stories bought by her Romany family to Wales.

She is a member of The League of Canadian Poets and The Ontario Poetry Society.

Creative Writing

Borealis Butterfly is published in Women’s Voices.

Girl on the Outcrop and Aging Well are published in Gatherings: A Journal of EcoPsychology.

Girl on the Outcrop

Aging Well

Recently published (online)

Three poems in the Winter edition of Glastonbury Festival’s  The Goddess Pages.


The Green Man is a poetry chapbook published by The Ontario Poetry Society under its Stanza Break series.


Fire and the Rose poem received an award for “Most Popular Poem” by members of The Ontario Poetry Society.

Let’s Take our Teeth and Talk poem was selected by The League of Canadian Poets for National Poetry Month in 2015.


“The Green Man’s vehicle of expression — through metaphor and simile — is the munificence of earth’s verdure… a three-part excursion into romantic eroticism in one voluminous offering.”  David Chirko, Reviewer

Frances Roberts-Reilly’s verse is cerebral, challenging in the adroit web of literary allusions as she probes the depths; Her Daddy poem is as emotional charged as that of the mistress of confessional poetry herself — Sylvia Plath. Frances’s range of poetic terrain is admirable. Peter Hargitai, poet, novelist and reviewer – New York Review of Books.


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